Wow, 2 days of updates in a row, wonder what’s wrong with me…

Well, day 2 of my no-fat diet is going. Skim milk is kinda like milk without
any life in it. Course, it doesn’t send me into extreme pain either, which is
a point on it’s side. I have yet to get any new food though, that’s to be
done at lunch or after work today. No-fat yogurt, etc etc. I think that my
meal of the day will be fruit. Fruit, fruit, rice, salads, and more fscking
fruit. Oh well, I wanted to get in shape anyway, this is just a good way of
doing it. Kind of a good motivator though, either eat well or get sick and
wish for death đŸ™‚

Soon, soon oh soon the new ufies.org server
will be in. Just need to get time off work to head to the server farm for paralynx to install it. Maybe this