First, before I forget… I had 2 very rememberable dreams last night. In one
I was in a supermarket or school, drinking a coke. I finished the coke and
decided to check the top to see if I’d won anything (a couple of days ago I
won a free 600ml one). After careful examination of the top, I had won
$6,000! Wow. After showing this to my friends who were with
me, I took it somewhere to get it validated and pick up my winnings (my
thoughts were ‘I have no more money problems!’). When I got to the cashier
person, or whoever I had to go to, I looked at the bottle top again and
discovered I had wiped the text with the $6,000 on it off and underneath there
was an “invalid” message (for people who scrape their winning bottlecap too
much I guess). I was quite saddened by this.

The next dream was the first of it’s kind for me. A falling dream. I was in
my friends car with my friend, and we were going to drive somewhere. But for
some reason we couldn’t see out the front windshield. Anyway, he was driving
and started off and went forwards instead of backwards and drove off the
parking lot and down the enbankment…. unfortunately the embankment led to a
very steep ridge or something, and the car got airborn, going down very fast.
Imagine travel, in the air, at about a 45 degree angle downwards over what
seemed to be the edge of a lake with dead trees and stuff poking up towards
you. Scary stuff. Somehow we got ejected from the car and ended up flying
through the air, knowing that I had only a few seconds to live. I remember a
lot of things going through my brain at that moment, along with the though
“shouldn’t this be over by now?”. I guess at that point my brain overloaded
and I woke up, still half asleep being very happy that it was only a
dream. This happened right at 8am too, with only a few min before the alarm
clock went off.

So what else other than wacky dreams. Well, a friend of mine from California
is up for the week to visit Illiad, Iambe, myself and the other ufies around
here (including the son of

Hmm… oh yea, and I have to work. So I’ll leave things at that as I head off
to fix mail problems at one of our clients sites.

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