Result of my run today:

Bugs injested: 1

But now, a minor rant:

I saw a bumper sticker on the way back from my run I had to comment
on. It said:

The Big Bang Theory

God said Bang and it happened.

Now I look at it this way… from a religous point of view, if you ask
where it all started, you are told that God created everything. Now
where did God come from? Well, the people I’ve talked to (and anyone
is welcome to mail me and argue)
basically said, well, he just is, and has always been. From a
evolutionist’s point of view, you ask where the world came from and
you get the big bang. Well, where did the big bang come from? Well
(and according to some show I watched a while back, quickly scoffed at
and then turned off by my Christian friends I might add, basically in
the existance before the big bang (nothingness, and not a kind of
emptyness kind of nothingness, but a “all of existance is nothing and
the size of the infinate universe is less than a baseball” type
nothingness) there was some freak occurance of quantum flux or some
such thing, and that created the big bang which led to the creation of
everything and all.

Now, both have a huge number of holes. ie: no one knows what happened
before either God existed or the big bang sprang into being. However,
from what I have seen at least the evolutionist types are willing to
admit they don’t know and don’t hide their lack of knowledge
(personally I’m not ashamed to say I have no clue what happened before
the universe existed) by sweeping everying under a “God just
is” or “God created it/made it happen” blanket.

Now I have to ask, seeing as I’ve said so much already, do we
have to know? Do we need to? I say yes and no.
Human nature is to know everything we can, to explore personal,
spiritual, and geographical boarders. Does knowing where we and in
fact all of existance came from matter? Yes. Should we know for
sure. Hmm… maybe not.

Another piece of advice I will pass on now too. Never argue with a
religous person or a philospher, as you will never ever win. That is
something my first girlfriend told me and it rings true still. I know
now why though. When you have built your existance, your life
and your afterlife on certain beliefs, having someone say
something like “but how did God come to existance” is
not going to make you say “hmmm… well, I guess you
are right and I am wrong”.

Rant over. I saw the bumper sticker and had to comment. So there

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