On the other side of the glass from you

I screamed

But you didn’t notice

and just walked away

Pardon my random thoughts at this late hour.

Ok people, it’s very very easy. You go into the underground parking,
and stop in from of the keypad. You put in your secret 4 digit code
and press the on/off button. This makes the display go from
xxsecs to disabled (or something
like that). Then you park your car and walk upstairs. This means you
don’t set the alarm off at almost 2 in the morning and get me up from
my already muggy drowse.

I admit I have no idea if the system resets itself or if you have to
re-enable it when you get out of the underground, but quite frankly I
don’t care.

Lots of good news today. Travellers have landed, work deals are being
done, and people got days off. A good day all around. Had sushi with
Celt and a couple of people from her work. Yummy…..

Now for that 6 hours of sleep I’ve been craving….