Well I actually got to bed at a semi-decent hour last night. I helped
Tiggersol’s GF’s parents pack up his and K’s stuff into a truck (why
exactly do you need a tv, vcr and stereo tig, if you’re not taking the
bed? Oh well. Except for a splattering of rain it all went well. I
came home after and found my key didn’t work in the front door.


Tried lock. Knocked. Tried lock again (something was stuck in it or
something). Phone. No answer. Damn. Phone again. No answer.
Roomie’s jeep is downstairs so he must be out with friends. Damn.
Play with lock some more. Finally roomie comes to the door looking
very tired and “wtf is going on”.


Todays random tip of the day comes from an anonymous friend of

Just a suggestion, but I hear that it isn’t really a good idea to walk into

an outside corner of a wall in the dark. It may cause bleeding, pain, and

uncontrollable laughter in observers. Or so I hear.

Anyhoo, I’ve gotta do an install of some new hardware at one of our
sites today, and pick up the LWE pictures. Oh, and do things like
shower and change, and not do email and journal updates at 8am. Silly

BTW, VPN is very very cool. I’ll give more details later on.

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