Late Late Evening

Finally got my run in. It’s been a couple of days. It was strange
and unusual, but I actually enjoyed it. Before this it seemed like it
was forced, and in a way it still was, the starting anyway. But once
I got going I was flying. When I stopped to rest (still maintaining
a fast walk) I did so for hardly any time, and my feet just seemed to
want to fly and cut out this walking stuff. I was sprinting
even before the end where I know I’m wasted, and enjoying it. I know
this is old hat to those who run all the time, or are in shape and
all, but for me it’s like (yet another) revelation about something.

Here’s something to try. Go for a run, if you don’t run, go for a
jog, but go. When you are tired, really tired, huffing and puffing
and legs like jello, stop and walk. Let your body recoup for a bit.
When you’re almost ready to go again, lean your body forward and put
your arms behind you… visualize you are a giant bird, an eagle, a
hawk, whatever. Close your eyes and slowly, slowly flap your wings,
feel the feathers on them catch the wind coming at you. Imagine your
feet racing faster as your wings slowly flap in the breeze, moving
your body faster and faster along. Your troubles, doubts, or fears
are left on the ground below as you fly high into the air. Lost love
is returned, or love from far away is brought closer. Imagine
everything is right as you soar up into the clouds, your wings lifting
you higher and higher.

And you know what? It will work.


You’ll look like a bit of an idiot making elaborate prancings
and arm motions as you run along, so do this in a quiet street (and
make sure you keep in a straight line, running into traffic is a Bad

Ok, so I didn’t go on an install today. Instead I had the
joy of putting a windows box togeather, fighting to
re-install over an old directory, figuring out on the great wheel of
driver conflicts which device was causing windows not to boot, and
discovering that even though you can say to install to a
directory other than C:\WINDOWS it still doesn’t completely put things
there (ie: why do I have a C:\WINDOWS with like 3 files in it?).
Fighting with registry problems too is fun, as is trying to figure out
how to transfer a file to a floppy disk when there are only 2
computers in the office that have floppy drives and none of them are
on the network, where the file resides. But that ended.

Whohoooo! Long weekend! I get friday afternoon off too, but that’s
to go to a dentist appointment 🙁 I think I’m heading to the PNE on
sunday, and saturday I have a wedding (apparently tiggersol and K
are showing up (yay)) to go to. No idea who it is for, I was
invited and said yes. I hope they don’t mind me wearing shorts

I’m on the XFMail list and have
offered this ufies.org server as a
distro point and CVS server. Now to figure out how to set those
things up properly.


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in daytime TV today. A couple
actually. First is the (continuing) trend of shock-isms. When
wandering around the office last week I saw a Maury Povitch show on
something or other, featuring a young boy of 12 or 14 who had no arms
or legs. The show I’m sure was all about how he survived, lived a
normal life, wasn’t a freak, how he didn’t want to be stared at, etc
etc. But in doing so, they just increased the shock quotient of the
show. I mean, polite as you are and world travelled as you are you
can’t help but stare at the TV. And gosh golly gee wiz it’s almost
like they planned it huh? Do your best to shock the hell out of the
audience and appease the modern lust for more, faster, gorier, sicker,
and more perverted? Lovely.

The other is the “Judge Judy” show and clones. If you haven’t heard
about these, they are like the people’s court on steroids. Some judge
with serious social disabilities takes on cases from people who have
serious problems being polite, not being idiots, or whatever. They
tell their story, the judge is rude, curt, or smarmy with them, and
they go off so the next case can come on.

I saw something on the cover of a tabloid (I won’t even look in those
things, even for a laugh) over the weekend…. “Judge Judy show Rigged
– insider tells all” and all I could think was DUH!
I mean, come on, you’re telling me that a court room with that sort of
engineered judge and cases, cameras all over the place, and time for
commercial breaks there is no rigging? I’m sure the defendant and the
plaintive are paid big bucks to come and be humiliated by some smarmy
fast talking old lady!

Mental note: Expense 100km for driving to Hope and back to
install a server.

Many thanks to Iambe for the RAM she donated. In addition to the
stuff I got from work today (unexpectedly, I didn’t expect him to get
it for me) my memory counter ticks up to 344064 (336meg RAM)! Wh00p!
Not that I can fill 128 of course, but hey, more is always better in
the computer hardware field.

Also, many thanks to mikez on #userfriendly who reminded me again and
again to check the “stupid shit” list when trying to get my HD to boot
(it was accessable just fine when booted with a boot disk, but would
not boot itself). I finally found a minutely loose HD cable… I
guess the “boot me up” pin was out or something. Everything is
working dandy now.

I’m also having sudden heating problems. The Celeron 300a (over
clocked to 450) that has been running fine for the last 4 months or so
suddenly started crashing the other day. Very disturbing to come home
to find your workstation locked solid. I finally broke down and put
the spare pII-233 (overclocked to 350) in and guess what, it actually
completed a kernel build without locking up! Now my question is why
did this suddenly happen, when it was working fine for so long. Maybe
I gotta lick the contacts or something (never mind if you don’t get