Just a quicky before I go back to doing things here. Salespeople are
idiots. I say to the dude at future shop (yea, I know, I shouldn’t
have gone in the first place) “do you have any celeron coolers?” and
he said yes, he did, but the ones he showed me wouldn’t work on my
chip, so he suggested a PII cooler. “What about the fact it doesn’t
have a case but is just the cpu?”. “Oh no no, it’ll work fine” he
says. I describe my chip to him (again) and he (again) tells me that
it’ll just clip on hunky dory. So I go home, all excited that I can
super cool (kinda) my celeron with this cool 2 fan thingy, only to
find there is no way in hell that it’ll even fit on there, and yes, I
did think of super glue! Needless to say, after I test it
with the PII I have in there now it’s going back to the store tomorrow
morning, with nasty things said about the salesperson. Anyone know of
any sites that sell totally cool cpu cooling fans? Throw me an email to let me know about ’em.

Going to a wedding or something tomorrow, hope it’s not too hot.

Oh, also stuck a new wallpaper up in the “new” section on my wallpaper page.