Well, the install was… ok. We had the server in and ready to go in
under an hour, however, client setup and a few weird dhcp glitches
meant we left there around 3. Back in Abby for 4ish to get food
(breakfast lunch and dinner, all in one!) and (because the guy at the
sushi place was the slow one) barely made it back to collect the
curtesy car from the place that got my brakes done. Ouch, more $ out
the door. But now I can drive knowing that I can stop if I
have to. The tuneup being done tomorrow will do me well too. Then
it’s back to saving for trips and so on again. Well, that first and
then the list of “stuff I want to buy when I have money to spare” that
is on the whiteboard.

Rex’s eye keeps alternating from ok to not so ok, so I might take him
in next weekend. There’s this lovely yellow puss stuff that sometimes
is there, but his eye is open… Oops, sorry, were you eating? 🙂

ARGH! in screwing around with netscape somehow I lost
the ability to hit space for pagedown 🙁 Same as at work (where I
thought “this sucks but at least it works at home”). Bleah.

I think I’m gonna work late tonight, despite the fact I could have
gone to bed at 10 or so (and should have) but Wim from work wrote up a
way cool (well, we’ll see if it works before we make that
determination) howto on mod_perl, which I was in the midst of
following when I discovered I couldn’t leisurely hit <SPACE> to
read the next page.


I suppose the most disturbing thing about the start of today was
waking up with “Suzi-Q” going through my head. That and the one word
of arabic I learnt while in Tunisia around 1989 on a trip there with
my parents: “barkaloufe” (spelled wrong I’m sure). Weird.

On the bright side I took my car in today to get it’s brakes done.
Tomorrow I’ll get a curtesy car and get the rest of it all fixed up
and ready to go.

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