Roller coaster goes up. Roller coaster goes down. Roller coaster
goes up. Roller coaster goes down.

Why do I have a feeling that today is not going to be a good day? At
least the cop didn’t see me this morning as I road tested the tune up
my car got yesturday.

Missed going to the badminton club in Abby yesturday too, due to
hanging out with friends and renting The Matrix (again). It sucks,
they have charges! $70/year or $5 drop in. Bleah.
I suppose I’ll go next week and check it out anyway. Hmmm… I’m
giving a couple hours of perl training (paid even) tonight too. That
outta be interesting.


Oh yea, I finally got something done on ufies… the start of
setting up quotas (insert maniac-like sysadmin laughing here). Now I
just have to see who gets what 🙂 2 meg should be enough right?


Urgh, another long long day. Work was fine… I headed to one of our
clients and screwed around in their mac lab for a while (man I hate
the iMac puck mice) and tried to get our java going properly. Seems
that their version on netscape used 1.1.5 and our applet needed
1.1.7. Ok fine, try ie for mac… and now it loads. It doesn’t talk
to the server program like it should, but it runs. D’oh! Blame it on
the guy who did the java I guess, cause I have no clue what is up with
it. Then I (again) explained how to drag a link from netscape’s
toolbar to the windows desktop (I have no idea why a) it was such an
exciting thing and a big deal and b) why it is so hard for
him to get it. Even the mac guy muttered something about “if you have
to <puts head in hands> teach him how to add accounts….” 🙂
Glad I’m not the only one frustrated.

Got my car back today…. urk, lots of money again.
Lots. I guess it’s better to get this done now
before I’m paying 2x the rent I am now (assuming that roomie* move
out). Well, that and I can stop and the car has things like oil,
brake fluid, and so on, which I’ve heard (and I’m not a mechanical
type person) help in your driving.

I didn’t get the foglamps replaced though. $140+ is not what
I’m looking to pay, even if it reduces the work I have to do in going
to the wrecker, ripping the things off another car, and putting them
on myself. That and the ones he got in were ugly, one being almost
the same as what I had but a gross yellow/orange color, and the other
being best described as two small eggs. They had the funky blue
lights that are supposed to be better in the fog though, but oh well.
Now I just have to get the ol’ girl cleaned, waxed, fix some trim
coming off on the rear tirewell, fix some spots where the paint has
chipped, maybe find a gascap that actually matches the dull grey of
the car, and boom, all done forever.

Hey! I can tick something off my list! (from the “Life todo” section).

Hmmm… looking at the list I have “skydive” listed. I suppose that’s
why it’s a life todo list, as it’s stuff to get to eventually 🙂

So in the midst of my moneyless state, I picked up a couple of things
for myself today. The first was “TigerLily” by Natalie Merchant
(listening to it now, awsome cd!) and the second was this
. It was really a choice between it and The
, but the second was $70 and in an (IMHO) ugly frame,
while this one was in a non-frame and < $30. I’ll get the other (and
similar ones) eventually, but for now this one is the start to my art
collection. I figure when (if) roomie* move out or I move out I will
need something other than a Java Class poster to decorate the walls.

Sadly though, I have no place to put it right now, so it sits behind
my door, still in it’s plastic wrap. Soon sweet picture, you will be free.

Oh, and Webforia sent me a full
copy of their software for doing some beta testing for them… also
(and even cooler IMHO) was the awsome nice pen sent along as well.
They said something about a contest for a Palm Pilot, but I guess I
didn’t win that contest. Anyway, now if I ever need to write
something down, and remember your pen, I’ll be writing in style!
Thanks guys!

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