Wow, what a night. Finally got togeather with a dear friend of mine
(wave to Llau) and went (gasp) to a club!
For the first time in ages I went to City Limits to dance the night
away. I spent the earlier eve at work with da Man watching A Thin
Red Line
… my conclusion: it sucked. Not what I expected
(something similar to Saving Private Ryan) but instead a slow,
slow movie with undeveloping characters and a wanked
out plot line. It said it was nominated for awards, but did it get
any? Well, probably, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, went dancing and I had a great time. My brain still was half
in fun mode and half in geek mode. Questions in the geek part of the
brain not letting go and just having fun included ones such
as “who is that old lady really with?”, “is the girl in the
red dress wearing underwear?” (no idea), “how does she get into those
pants??” (I think there was a zipper on the butt), “why is that guy
wearing a kilt?”, “does it surprise me that the girl with the dyed
orange hair is with the guy with the dyed blue and red hair?”,
“ooohhhh! <drool>” and other similar questions and thoughts.

You’ll pardon me for incoherancy as I’m quite tired right now.

So how lucky did Alan get, this manly man of a different woman every
night? Well, I came home, said “ciao” to my friend, and came in to
update my journal, what does that tell you 😛

Anyway, it’s almost 4:30, and I’m getting the hell to bed.

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