Oops! Almost forgot. Roomie* aren’t moving, so it’s up to me to get
outta here sometime. They aren’t kicking me out or anything, and I
can stay as long as I can stand the baby… till they need this room.
So I figure sometime midmonth-oct I’ll have to start looking for a


Wow, an update before 3am for once. Wee…. not that there is much to
talk about. Cleaned the inside of my car to go along with the outside
cleaning I did yesturday (and no you are not correct those
who think the only time a guy cleans his car and armourall’s it and
does the whole ball of wax (hehehe, wax, get it?) is when he has a hot
date… I figured that if it was all fixed up on the inside, why not
make it look good on the outside too?). Course, this means it’s going
to rain tomorrow. Worked out, watched The
(again) and did supper.

Note: Next time you say to yourself “Alan, you’re running low on
Spaghetti, you’d better get some more”, do. Cause it really sucks to
have everything ready, pots boiling and sauce bubbling to find that
you’re down to about 10 strands of spaghetti. Needless to say a quick
run into town was made.

Oh, almost forgot. Thanks to T and B for keeping me company a few
days ago on a slow day at work, you guys are the greatest. Raskal is
also commended for keeping me amused with his tales of Sysadmin Folly.

So what does the week hold for me? Well, maybe climbing on Thursday
with S and her BF, maybe hitting the badminton thingy on Wed, and a
week of work work work. I might even try to get to bed at a decent
hour this week.


Argh, another late night.

Ever say to yourself “no, I wasn’t that stupid, it can’t be that”?
Well, the answer is yes Alan, you did put the CD in backwards, which
of course explains why only 1 of the 6 in my car cd changer wasn’t


Also, when you go to the store to buy floss, and look upon the great
wall o’ floss, and you take one, they are not all equal. For
example, not all the floss is floss. Some of them are “Gentle Dental Yarn”.
Freaked me out, open up the package and get what looks like something
I pull off the bottom of a shirt or sock or something. Sucks to floss
with too… it’s going in my travel bag to be there in case I forget
to put the real stuff in (when I get it tomorrow).

Took mom and dad out to dinner at a new place in Maple Ridge called
the Frogstone Grill. Funny name, but good food. The quesadia I had
was huge. Good too. They even made the guac right in front
of me, which was kinda bizzarre at the same time as being cool. Twas
a good dinner anyway.