A decent night with a few strange occurences. Went out to dinner with
Iambe and then wandered down to the river to relax and stargaze.
Somehow I ended up half naked with my new
on the ground in front of me explaining the
obnosficated perl to her (the code is really not as
much deep magic as some of the other japh stuff. Then I got
beat on for using words that don’t exist (like “obnosficated”), but
was relieved that “hypothesi” (the plural of hypothesis) did exist (no
matter what ispell says).

Came back home to watch my one soap opera show (<hanging head in
shame>), Dawson’s
. Ah, the trials and tribulations of those we live
vicariously through.

To catch you up to the end of last season (I think). Dawson and Joey
got togeather, finally after like, years of secretly loving each other
but being friends, then they broke up because Joey decided that she
needed space and to “find herself” and so on. Sometime after that
they got back togeather. But then Dawson saw her dad
smuggling dope again (he had just gotten out of jail and her family
was whole again and everything was rainbows and cotton candy for her)
and had to tell her… and then he and the cops used her to tape her
dad admitting to it and then being taken away. Imagine being the one
to get the evidence to put your own father away, especially after he
is out and everything is fine and dandy again! After that she
couldn’t forgive Dawson for what he’d done and broke up with him again
with a “I never want to speak to you again.” I was crushed.

I suppose the lives of those on TV can’t be happy and normal because
then what interest would we have? There always has to be some sort of
turmoil going on to keep us wondering what will happen next episode.
This gives me hope that Real Life isn’t like that on TV.

Are we a product of genetics, upbringing, or a mix of both? Convo
sparked this. Genetics and upbringing are almost the same, in a
family where the child and parents are togeather for the majority
of the childs life anyway. I sometimes say I’m stubborn because of my
german side (not sure if this is an accurate stereotype or not, maybe
the german’s aren’t stubborn and it’s the english? hell, who knows).
But it would be more likely that I am stubborn because I grew up in
close proximity to a german parent.

But if this were true, people who grew up in abusive or other “bad”
environments would all be destined to turn out “bad” themselves, which
doesn’t always happen (though I’m sure there are all sorts of
statistics about this I could find but won’t bother to and instead
will simply make assumptions). So what of it? Are you destined to be
the same as your mother/father/growing up environment/ethenticity? (is
that another new word or just a bad spelling?) I don’t think so. I
know too many people who have been through hell and back and had bad
hard times or wacked out growing up conditions who are not
like that. They are scared that they are going to turn out like their
screwed up family, but I don’t think that this will happen. It
depends on the person mind you, but these people are strong and have
their heads on straight, and who have the ability to change.

Maybe what I’m saying is that your parents and/or growing up
environment do have an effect on you.
However, the effect it has on you maybe to show you
what to do, or what not to do. And
I think, with the people that I know anyway, that they have the
strength of character, learned or inbred, to become the person that
they want to be.

Ok enough waxing philosophical for now.. head over to Raskal‘s journal and
laugh your ass off at today’s entries.