For various reasons today sucked.

I started the Great Room Clean though. Amazing the crap you
find… old receipts for $2.50 from a year ago, old planners from
school, old notes from classes you took a year ago. Wow. The planner
was an eye opener. From my last two semesters of school. In it was
everything I did, didn’t do, noted down, stuffed in it, who I
interacted with, whose phone numbers I had, what classes, schedules
etc that happened. Basically my life for that year of school was in
that planner, quite an eye opener. Found some extra pens in my old
school bag, but they were far less philisophical.

This is an “no holds barred” cleaning though. Nothing is spared. Old
boxers that were still good except that the waist was all ripped up?
Gone. My prized corel balloon? Gone. Socks with holes in them I was
going to use when I was shot in the foot? Gone. I’m a brutal guy.