I think I may make it to bed tonight before midnight. What a strange
concept. Course, all the times I’ve done this lately I just lie awake
in bed and say to myself “wow, I’m going to get soooo much
sleep tonight” till I fall asleep 3 hours later.

Got an email from a guy today who had a dream about me. No, not that
kind of dream you perverts, but it was bizzare. Let me quote a bit.

I had a weird dream last night and you were in it. Well, by name only.

Here’s how it went: A friend of mine told me he was cutting peoples hair in the
style of old rock musicians. He asked if he should cut mine like <some name I
can’t remember> or maybe — here it is! — Arcterex. I said no, ’cause I didn’t
know what he looked like anyway. I only knew his songs.

Then there was a part with some scotsmen playing Waldhorns (those big horns you
have in Austria) with bagpipes stuck on the end.
This is not a joke. I realy dreamt it. (so it must be true)

Isn’t that weird?

I wonder what it means.

It probably means you have unresolved issues with your mother after
she flushed your pet hamster or something…

So screw the cleaning, I can do that later. I was doing installs all
day, had a workout tonight, even did my crunches (inspired by T, who
does 125 a night (I’m at like… 50 or so)), and updated ufies with all sorts of new and (maybe)
interesting stuff. So I’ll let myself relax a bit by sleeping

The installs today were actually really nice and easy for a change.
There were problems of course, but as usual they were client related.
The first was a T1 install, and except for plugging in the eth0 and
eth1 in the wrong way, no problems happened getting things going as
far as net connection or communication between the lan and the
server. Getting the stupid DHCP server to give out the right gateway
and dns info was. I don’t know the NT dhcp server stuff, hell, I only
really dealt with dhcp in linux! The only real “D’oh” moment was when
I was trying to surf and had forgotten to unlock myself.


For those who don’t know our server, head to the site and learn
all about it! (blatent plug)

The second install (putting a co-location box in an ISP) went so
smooth it was magic. Plug. Plug. Ping. Working! I’m still waiting
for lightning to strike…

Lots of work to do tomorrow, so a semi-early night (maybe I should
rant less to decrease the time I spend in between saying that I’m just
going to do a couple of updates and finishing them. Did that make
sense? Hell, I donno, I don’t read what I write. My fingers are
stopping working now so I think that’s a sign.