Good day today… got some good code done, both myself and the rest of
the guys, and went to the PerlMongers meet too. The meet was cool, we
got there late and everything so we got the shitty seats, but that was
ok. Pretty nice guys, though we only got a chance to talk to a couple
who were right at our end of the table.

Lots of work tomorrow…. get to implement the new proxy/caching
system and test some of the web-perm stuff I did today (if the fscking
win98 box in the office would actually see the samba share! awk!
kill! kill! kill!). We’re getting closer to moving into the office
too, the bosses are out tomorrow doing the wiring and stuff. The
question now is to decide what posters I get to put up in my room.
The Java class poster that was replaced by the whiteboard in my
bedroom seems obvious… the 6ft Yosemite one was vetoed though,
something about “professionalism” and “high tech look” or something.
Oh well… I’ll have to go through my stack of old comdex posters to
see what I have. I guess my print outs of rock climbing pix aren’t
going to do either huh? Oh well…

Now I’m really going to bed! Yahohooooooo!