Well, I think I got most things cleared up. There are some archives I’ve
lost, and this month’s journal entries, along with my photo album pages, but
other than that I think I have most things here under control. I will make
backups now 🙂

Backup: Something that is done after a system crash occurs.

Argh! don’t you people understand the concept of sleep? I
was woken up this morning with about 4 or 6 phone calls from various people,
and even with my phone unplugged it didn’t stop me from being woken up. I did
grudgingly agree however, to go down to Seattle for the day/night/morning to
hang out with Sillz and Squiz with Iambe. So much for a lazy weekend I
guess… but it is a long weekend for us here Canajan peoples eh, so I guess
it’s ok. Going to thanksgiving dinner with a buddy of mine tomorrow, and
somewhere along the way going into the office to work my ass off to get some
bandwidth graphing stuff done for the deadline that was yesturday.

But I suppose I should really actually start the day, being as it is almost