Well, there’s been a few things I wanted to write about, and I just
got home from work (very, very, busy at work
lately… deadlines, deadlines, deadlines) and have a bit more pop
(sprite) to finish up, so I figured I would.

First of all, for once I filled my car up at the right time. Gas
jumped up from 47.9 to 58.8 the other day, just after
I filled up. Normally it’s just before I fill up, when I’m running on
fumes and have no choice but to fill up (or grudgingly put $2 in the
tank in the hopes that when it runs out at the end of the day the
prices’ll have gone down.

Rant of the day: Javascript.


Having multiple either SUBMIT or
BUTTON input types within the same form, and using a
form.submit() don’t work. You have to have something like this:

function foo()
<FORM ACTION=”bar.cgi”>
<FORM ACTION=”bar.cgi”>
<INPUT TYPE=”BUTTON” onClick=”foo()”>
<FORM ACTION=”bar.cgi”>

Anyway, whatever. I hate javascript is all 😛

DC Update (spoiler):

I have the last episode on tape, and managed to watch the first 15-20
min before work today, and thought I’d update all the egar fans out
there. As you know this Eve girl has entered the picture. Well,
she’s back again, and still hot for Dawson’s bod. The part that I saw
to was her basically arranging a time to rock Dawson’s world with
fantastic sex.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d never unwish the rocking of someone’s
world with fantastic sex, and I feel a kindred spirit in Dawson, he’s
a geek in a way, an artsy geek, but still a geek. I relate. Maybe I
even relate myself to him and his trials and tribulations. But still,
why is she so hot to rock the Dawson man? She started out as a girl
on a bus, making conversation, then showed up in a strip club working
as a waitres, and now she appears in his school as a
student. Who is this “Eve”. Is turning Dawson into a man some sort
of mission for him? Will it (if it happens) screw him up with Joey?
He says they are over but Eve (and I) don’t belive him. The tension
between the two of them is what keeps the show going in a way. And
also the question is will he? He’s single. Getting
over a GF. A rebound case, but she’s the perfect rebound girl (says
Pacey, not me), as she’s all body and sex and no ugly emotional
attachments. A young virile dude. Why wouldn’t he?

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Oh yea, there was some stuff about Pacey going to meet his GF again,
but that was less interesting… Some interaction between him and
Joey though. Maybe things won’t work out with him and his and him and
her will get togeather? Without introducing new characters all the
time isn’t that how these shows go? everyone sort of trading around
their partners?

I’m sure there was more but I’m bagged, sleepy time. More hellish
coding and stuff tomorrow, now we (maybe) know which way we’re going
to do things for our stuff 🙂