Well, after a night at the pub with some good friends, and some
tequila shots raised in toast (not celebration), I put off sleep a
little longer and redid my journal page. I had it much
cooler, with a funky shaded blue boarder all around, but that didn’t
work well if anything in the journal was non-wrappable (like
<PRE> tagged sections), so I killed it. This is much simpler
too. A very IMHO cool logo, some font work to make things a little
better, a re-design of the boarder bars (simple still, and boring yes)
and now it’s really bedtime.


I feel like I lost an update somewhere. Oh well, I’m probably just confused.

On the DC side of things he didn’t. She told him that she’d rock his
world, and he got all prepared (even a lovely scene of the Buying of
the Condoms (very funny) that matches nicely with my own writing on the subject). She finds him
during a pep rally and there is a predicable (yet funny) scene when
she comes and says ‘it’s time’ (she had said to sweet innocent Dawson
that he had to just be ready, and she’d pick the time and place) and
they start going at it behind a projecter screen in a pep-rally, with
Dawson leaning up against the controls to raise and lower said screen.

Like I said, predicatable. He impressivly handled it though, bowing
before a theatre full of pep-rallied students and so on. I personally
would have turned red and ran straight to the next province out of

He told her afterwards that he wanted his first time to be special
yaddi yaddi yaddi.

Afterward he talked to Joey about stuff, and (I felt) put some closure
on their lack of getting back togeather.

A secret fan out there mentioned that some attention should be paid to
the mystery girl’s name. Eve. The one who tempted
Adam. Ok, that’s about all I have to say on the subject really. I’m
not sure about this, but I think that after the pep rally incident he
asked her for her phone # and she said “that you’ll have to earn”. So
the sex is free but her # isn’t. Maybe he’s going to try a
relationship with her? Who knows, we all know we’ll be on edge till
next Monday…

Weekend. Yummy.