Slightly Later…

This happened on IRC. Geez, some people eh?

<cuvarack> I’ve got quite a bit done… only 30,000 lines of code…
<James> 30,000 lines of code?
<cuvarack> converting xfmail to c++…
<James> In one day?
<cuvarack> heck no
< james: he’s a super coder
<cuvarack> that was just tonight šŸ™‚
< james: why do you think we hired him
<James> Ah šŸ™‚
<James> heh


Well a happy November to all my loyal readers. This I think is going
to be a long update, as I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. Nothing
earth shattering of course. I just hope I remember it all. Lots of
travelling in the next while. Next weekend I’ll be forgoing sleep
(again) to head up to the interior to get away for a day or so. A
nice three hour drive starting after work on a friday night? Sounds
like fun to me! And I got the day off for the week after that so I’ll
be driving (unless westjet has a good deal) to Edmonton to hang out
with Darren for a bit.

This came to me while running today. How do you describe describing
something? Sounds strange right? Well how about this. I’m running
along and stuff comes to me that I figure I should note down here. So
I basically have a conversation with myself about it. In this little
talk I describe describing it. “So while running I had a thought that
I should mention here. This one in fact, except I’ll have to wait
till I get home to put it down.”

Ok, so maybe someone was burning pot or I got hit in the head or

Last weekend was another one of fun and merriment, which of course
included me not sleeping and lazing around my house. It did involve
me lazing around my buddy Syphonius’s house though. W & W were most
accomidating in their inclusion of us to their house warming party. I
vegged, watched DVDs and relaxed all weekend, it was nice. Nice to
get home too, but still…

Something else that tickled my mind. Recently I was told that (in
essance) my romantic views of life, or more specifically love, were
just that, romantic views, unmatching of real life.

I disagree.

Yes, I give my heart and my love easily. Yes, I fall in love easily
(I’ve done this a couple of times recently). Yes, I get hurt because
of it (Yes, I’ve had this a couple of times recently). But what is
the alternative? To not love? To not feel that feeling of falling in
love, or being with someone (and I’m not talking physically here) and
being around them and feeling that more-than-friends feeling? Is that
what the alternative is? To get into some relationship where my
partner (or I) doens’t really love each other. To “settle”. Be where
cheating is something that “just happens”. To not trust 1000%. To
not know that the person I’m with is the person I want to die with,
and that they feel the same?

I can’t belive that. I know it’s possible. It has to be.
Otherwise what is the point?

If that’s it I think I’ll stick with my romanic views thanks.
Personaly If living some stupid soap opera life based on views from
things like country music and silly tv shows is what I have to do
then I’ll do it, and hope that the dream and vision I have of what the
future will bring will come true.

I was going to do a DC update, and in fact a whole new
page! But I think sleep is a better idea. I actually
watched it today and there were many good developments as well as some
great quotes “Besides the stealing, lying and using sex to control
people, you’re a pretty good person” being one of them (kinda
paraphrased of course). I’ll do my best to throw something up for
ya’ll sometime. I think I’ll trim the archives tonight too.

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