Well I know it’s been almost 4 days now since the last DC, and I
still haven’t put up a page. How dare I eh? Well, there was
interesting stuff so I figure I’d throw it here, per usual, for those
w/o their fix.

Seems the dude, the slimy one that’s been hitting on Joey had a date
with a girl (jailbait for him), and who should it be but Pacey’s X,
Andy! Joey tags along (uninvited, kinda like a bad dream where your
little brother tags along on a date or something) to keep his slimy
paws off him. After that she gets fired. This I think will cause
some re-thoughts (maybe) in her ‘getting on with her life’

Eve, who is on her way it would almost seem, was living in a
“borrowed” boat and apparently is in search of her mother, moving from
town to town. Dawson and Pacey followed her to her boat, Pacey tailed
her and Dawson rummaged through her stuff at the boat, finding just a
picture of a lady in the form of interesting stuff. Later on, after
Eve has retived the picture (leading to the previously mentioned line
of “aside from the lying, stealing, and using sex to control people,
you’re ok”) from Dawson and basically headed off to the sunset, Dawson
sees the same lady in the picture at Jen’s grandmother’s house. Who
is the lady? Her daughter (Jen’s mom? I think so). This means that
Eve is Jen’s sister. This also means that Eve’s going to stick around
a bit longer.

Which is good, cause she’s an interesting paradox. Kinda cool how she
admitted (lying or not) that Dawson was the one who broke through the
mask she put on for her foray’s into small towns in her search. Geek
gets the girl through geekiness? Maybe, we’ll see.

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