Ok, this game Homeworld is kinda cool. Too bad the demo stops just before you
get to do anything remotly interesting. And my HD is filled up with this
other game, Age of Empires 2. Course, I haven’t played it yet cause I’m going
to be RSN. 12:30 in the morning and instead of sleeping, or partying, I’m
rebooted to ‘doze and playing games. Kicking ass in Half Life etc.

This daylight savings time thing? You can shove it. I’m sorry, but I have no
fscking desire to see the sun in the morning. The darker it is the less I
have to squint my eyes and the less I squint my eyes the less chance there is
of me falling asleep from having my eyes half closed. A week ago I was
driving to work in the morning in the half darkness with the sun barely
peeking over the mountains.

I was ok with this.

Now, after the time change, I drive to work with the sun way on top of the
mountains, just low enough my sun visor does me no good and just high enough
to be right in my eyes.

And due to this it means that in the evening it gets dark at 5 or something,
so after work I’m running in dark. Course, I’m in the dark most of the time,
but we’ll leave that for another day.

Ok, since I’m in a bitching mood, I’ll continue. So I’m about to take a trip
to Edmonton to see Darren and K. My car has to be up to spec for the long
drive. Perfect timing for something to go wrong right? Well, a lovely
grinding sound from my front left wheel influenced me to hit a mechanic on my
way to work on thursday and to make a long story a tiny bit shorter it cost me
$260 bux. “Pretty bad” was the diagnosis for my left CV joint. Probably
mechanic shorthand for “about to burst apart and kill you or anyone driving
near you,” so I’m not sad to have it fixed. Right next to pay day too, so it
wasn’t the worst timing in the world. Course, it was also right next to rent
day so it wasn’t the best either.

Went to Yohimbe and his web-diva wife’s place for dinner tonight. Gooooood
lasagna, good company, and cool ass tunes played by Yohimbe himself. Now I
want to learn guitar, at least enough to play something recognizable at the
beach in the summer or something. The man just rocks at it, I was very

Worked today too. Wee, great way to spend a saturday. Course, it’s brownie
points with the boss, a day in the perverbial bank as far as days off go (can
we say 3 day weekend coming up sometime?). We did get some good code done
though, so it’s not like it was a wasted day or anything. Guess laundry day
is gonna be tomorrow then huh? Along with (reading from list): put up DC
update site (basically a cool (or un-totally-lame) logo and a page with the DC
stuff I spew here there), redoing my firewall rules, finishing Louis L’amour’s
of the Breed
, tape Ian Tyson (stole a CD from Brad, and taping the good
stuff off it will nicely finish off my Old Country mix tape (with which I will
torture those who don’t appreciate good music)), clean bathroom, set
up samba on fishbowl so I’ll have a
place to store stuff or something like that.

Hell of a Sunday huh?