Well, the list of the weekend was almost done. I got the book read,
the bathroom cleaned, samba working, taping done, etc. Stuff that wasn’t done
is ok, I’ll live. Laundry must be done soon though. No DC page done, oh
well, I’ll live. This week was a re-run anyway. I did however find a new
obsession. Alyson Hannigan who plays Willow
on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Hummina
hummina. Could be I’m just attracted to the softness and… “humanness” in
this weeks episode (head here and look for
the “Wild at Heart” episode). I could become obsessed, (she’s 25, but seeing
someone…. just my luck) but not near as this guy. A hairstyle index? my

Course, a little read
reveals that she’s not the same type of person that she plays on
the show (if the guy who wrote the page isn’t full of it that is). Oh well,
on to RL I guess

Argh. Got an install tomorrow. This means I have to get dressed in clothes
that are clean. It also means I’m heading to bed early
(again) as I have to go to the office in the ‘wack before heading to downtown
for a 10am install. Yuck. I just hope it goes nice and smooth.

Worked tonight on trying to figure out why our work system won’t proxy cache ftp
connections properly while my home system does. It’s not the setup though, as
I’ve tried the same set up on their system as I have on my firewall, which
works fine. Blame the guy who wrote the firewall I guess <g>