Here. Alive. Uneventful. Currently waiting for Darren’s background to be
uploaded to my ftp site so I can get it from home. Doing the email thing as
I’m a little lagged due to the time change. Argh! Get a real internet
connection you weenie! This modem thing is just not cool anymore! 🙂

80% done uploading.

Oh yea, better put ufies.org back to normal. I really must get off my butt
someday and get all the changes I wanted to make actually made…. Now I think
it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I think Darren is amusing me, and we’re going to
a club in the evening. Saturday K is amusing me, or we’re going to a climbing
wall or something. Who knows, who cares… I’m with good friends and I’m in
relax mode!

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