Just got back from dancing the night away. Today Darren amused me, showing me
around west edmonton mall (really not that big a deal…. its just like any
other 4 full size malls stuck togeather with a pirate ship, skating rink and
amusment park inside) and around downtown edmonton. After a huge
dinner at the Loan Star (mmmm… fajitas) we vegged back at the apartment (a
nice one, about the size of what I’d like to get for myself) and then went
out. We picked up a friend of Ks (N) and hit a place called the Iron Horse (I

It was a bustling place, with a few too many people, but a nice atmosphere and
semi-ok tunes. We danced all night and had a grand old time. Now we’re back
home, D and K are asleep and I’m still rarin’ to go. Well, probably read a
little more of Snow Crash and then open a window (so I don’t boil all
night) and hit the uhm, couch.

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