I think I might have seriously screwed up my new system last night. Maybe. I
recompiled libc6 with -shared, but I don’t think I needed to. Then because of
a fubared teTeX install the manual wouldn’t compile (wee) and I think I forgot
to prefix it with /usr, and it might have installed itself in /usr/local.
We’ll have to see. The bummer is that the pngtest that comes with libpng just
segfaulted, no idea why. When I get home I think I’ll either a) nuke it all
and start again, using what I’ve learnt over the last 2 days as a guide, or b)
just go through the system, nuking dupe files (if I did screw it up last night
and install in /usr/local/ I’ll have the correct files in /usr right?). Or
maybe I’ll go out, hang with people, have fun, meet millions of beautiful
women and fall in love. We’ll see how I feel. I’d like to get gtk and the
gimp compiled though… 🙂

Could be an all night thing (both the building of the system and the falling
in love… though the first option is far easier to accomplish).

Lately I’m wondering if I’m actually still part of the human race. I have no
patience or time for people, work, fun-work, cleaning, etc. I just want to
sleep for about a year and get my brain back to normal.

And I want to know why jack’s checkurls is screwed up too (if you don’t
understand this just ignore it).

Oh yea, I’ve been meaning to bitch about this for a while. When you approach
a set of traffic lights, in N. America anyway, there is a thing called
yeilding. Now if you are turning left you yeild to those going straight
through the lights.

Now, lets take an example. You are waiting to turn left to go to the college,
there are a row of cars ahead of you also turning left. On the opposite side
of the road there are other cars coming towards you but they are turning left
as well.

Now do you

  • A) stop to see if maybe, just maybe one of the cars
    coming opposite is in fact going straight through instead of turning left,
    thus requiring you to maybe pause before you
    turn left.


  • B) just blow through the intersection because there
    is no chance in hell that someone on the other side is not doing
    the same as the rest of the people on that side of the road and turning
    left and therefor there is no need for you to check or heaven forbid yeild
    to someone.

Well lets just say that lately I’ve been slamming on the brakes and hitting
the horn at the intersection outside my apartment building. Well, not
really slamming on the brakes, cause I have faith that 99.99% of the
human race are mindless fscking idiots and I regulate my speed accordingly.
It’s nice to wail on the horn first thing in the morning and see some half
asleep college student heading to school off the highway jerk awake and go
‘huh? oh, guess I should have looked before turning huh’.

“It’s all right to be filled with hate, people are stupid” — Solas, circa our
tech support years

Aside: Ever have a moment in time when out of nowhere you are assaulted,
bodily by a memory of a moment or an image and you can’t get it out of your
mind? Your existance, hell, time itself just stops as you get whisked away by
some sweet rememberance. You’re powerless to stop it and can simply sit
there, eyes open but not seeing what is in front of you, mind months (or was
it years) away from here, seeing and feeling something that may or may not
have happened. Your body and mind are taken forcefully out of your own
control by your memories and are only returned to you when they seem fit,
leaving you with just the faint memory of her lips, maybe, or maybe not.


Well, neither have I, honest.