So I come home after 13 hours at work (not all that spent working mind you,
there was lunch and dinner, but from the office from 9 to 10:30ish), the house
is a sty, there’s cat puke on the front mat and I have no desire to do
anything but sleep.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been just nuts. Seems all my free
time is taken up, and when I do have free time, I spend it lazing about and
wishing I could get out. I need a vacation I think 🙂

All I want to do is sleep… but first I want to start X compiling… 200 Megs
of source code could take some time. BTW, the alanisdoingwhatsquizdidfirst
project is coming along well. Most of the non-X apps and utils are compiled
and installed, all with -O2 -march=i686 to optimize the smeg out of them. Now
things like X and gtk and gnome etc are next. I’ve been without a non-console
interface to the computer world (at least at home) for a couple of days now,
and you know what, it’s 100x faster. Try freshmeat on netscape and then try it with
lynx, you’ll see a huge difference. Not gtk
vs. qt bs either. It’s fun. Now to figure
out why X needs imake but won’t make it…. ARGH!

(yes, squiz, you did warn me….)

In other news…

  • I’ve still gotten minimul done in house hunting.
  • Local guitar doode Yohimbe has agreed to make me into a guitar god.
  • Big ass bday bash coming up next weekend… whoho!
  • Thinking a lot about the yet-to-be-got apartment, and interior
    decorations etc… neat stuff I think. It’ll be nice to have a place
    where only I am responsible for making it a mess.

Sleep now.

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