Just got back from Vancouver.

Wow, so a whole lot has happened in the last few days. First of all,
Friday. I came home from work and found a bunch of answering machine
messages. The first is roomiemom saying “roomie, come here quickly
but don’t speed” with what sounded distinctly like a woman screaming
in the background. The next 5 or so are all “congratulations”. Yes,
that’s right roomie had his kid. Well, roomiewife did. So on my way
to get catfood I hit MSA and visted them and their new little boy.
The kid was… well, a baby. Small and noisy. Roomiefriend stopped
by too and, as I was thinking of going out to a club somewhere that
night anyway, we all decided that celebrations were in order.

So a couple of hours later, after hearing lovely tales of 20 minutes
of labor and the afterbirth from a glowing roomie, me and roomiefriend
(and roomiefriendgf) hit a club. Roomie decided that since he had
been up since 1am the previous day that he was going to bed. Wimp.
We had to celebrate for him. So we hit a local club, smoked a big
cigar (as is tradition) and hung out. I was proud that I didn’t get
sick off the cigar. I think I did get high or something though, as I
was a little lightheaded. There was booze involved too of course
(roomiefriendgf was doing the driving). I discovered one of the
secrets of not getting sick after smoking a cigar is
movement. Keep on moving around.

It was a good time. Sadly, the only dance I danced was with
roomiefriendgf, but it was still fun.

Saturday I went about getting guitar lessons from my buddy the guitar
god. My fingers hurt, I can’t change chords worth a damn, and when I
do change them it sounds like crap. All practice though I keep
telling myself.

Saturday evening was the Big Birthday Bash. People from all over came
and we shot pool for a while at the local pool hall, and then we
headed back to Iambe’s pad and miraculously stuffed 20+ people in
there. Listened to the guitar god play, sang some songs, eat
wonderful munchies, and had a good time. Finally got home ~3. Sunday
roomiewife was still not there, but I spent the day sleeping, vegging,
and not much else. I had to do some work around the house and stuff
in town, but it was a not that productive day.

Today at work was docs. Fun fun fun. Tomorrow I get to go off and
fix a clients ISDN modem. Fun x 100. Hopefully it’ll make them happy
and then they’ll never, ever call us again. Please? Pretty please?

Ohhh… had a good idea for a project. Have something similar to what
finger.gimp.org was before it dissapeared, which will go
through all the /home dirs on ufies.org
and read their .plans and spew some other info about them to a page
dynamically generated. I’d have a config file that the script would
look at first to make sure that they wanted it visible, and what info
was visible, and stuff like that. Maybe take only the first 200 chars
for people with long .plans and stuff. Wonder if they’d like that.
Might just do it anyway though 🙂