11/30/99 2

I just want to say that I’m not sure if it’s Keating or Telus, but one of them can kiss my ass. Went
to the client site today and sat till noon basically waiting for a call back
from Keating (who does tech support for some of 3com’s modems). When it
finally came back they told me that the modem looked like it was set up
properly, and that the ‘drop the line when a call comes in’ feature is on the
isdn line, not the modem. Thanks. So I went back to the office and waited
for Telus to answer the phone (though I can solve the problem of no music in
my room simply by calling up Telus and going to try to get customer service…
leave the speaker phone on and listen to the musak). After being shuffled
around to (literally) 5 diff numbers/departments I finally got to the person
who said well, we’ll check and get back to you. Honest. RSN.