Well, today is the open house… or will be, when I wake up in 6 hours. I
don’t understand marketing people. We’re cleaning the office. The bosses
(bossi?) are out of town or something, so it’s me and our salesdude. First he
gets me to clean the workbench off of all the stuff we were working on.
Then he goes and puts other mess on the workbench,
to give the appearence we are working. HUH?!? WTF? Maybe I’m just an idiot,
but wouldn’t it have made more sense to just leave it as it was? Well
wouldn’t it? I was under the (obviously mistaken) impression that an open
house was to open your office up to the world to show them what we’re all
about. This would include the notes written on the whiteboard (all
whiteboards are 99% empty at this moment), the work we’re doing on the
workbench and so on. Now, it wouldn’t include my cow-orker’s
2 week old lunch, sitting on his desk and happily growing things. I will
however, let him deal with that đŸ™‚

2 things waiting for me at the post office. Hope I get there in time after
work tomorrow. The first <hung head> is the start of
my christmas shopping. Yes, I know, I should leave it till the last minute
like any other respectable single male, but sadly, I didn’t. Everything else
though I’ll leave till Dec 23rd again though ok? The other is a CD that I
ordered ages ago. Oh well, I guess they had to ship it sometime eh?

I semi-retract my bitches about Keating from yesturday. The dude I talked to
first, Stewart called me today and asked if I had sent the info. Well,
Adrienne, whom I spoke to while onsite the other day had given me the distinct
impression that the information he passed back to me (it is something wrong
with the ISDN line itself) came from Stewart up in tier 2. Seems that’s not
quite right, or something. Anyway, good ‘ol Stew called me a couple of times
today. Once just to say that they were working on it! Wow, now that’s
service. Course, I think he is on prozac or something, cause he was
far to happy. I wonder if he got the purple flavored ones…

Thoughts for the day, as I’m in a whimsical mood:

  • Live
  • Screw Logic (always)
  • Analysis good
  • Over analysis not always good
  • Go with it, see where this strange, screwed up and distorted view
    of reality we see out of our eyeballs every day and night that we call
    life brings us
  • Choose to be happy
  • Avoid burping in front of clients

Oh aside. I finally got caught up with (and hung out with) someone I met
(literally) years ago <wave>. That was cool. Nice to find another
person like me out there once and a while ($DEITY forbid!).