12/05/99 2

Still haven’t slept. Got in, wrote the stuff below, dozed in the chair
watching TV for a bit, then packed up to head to the new place and then to
Yohimbe’s for a lesson.

They belived me that I was financially able to pay and wasn’t an axe murderer.
Fools! So this means I have in my possession keys for aptmt 102 of some
address somewhere. Cool. Oh, and all my friends with trucks, erhm, got plans
for next weekend? 🙂

My phone seems to be working now too. Tres weird.

I took the day off tomorrow. No, not because I’ve had a hell of a weekend,
boss, but to hopefully kill off whatever is making me cough up lovely yellow
stuff for the last 4 or 5 days. A day of 0 stress, 0 need to do anything, and
just pure relaxation (something I haven’t had in ages) will be the ticket I
hope. No obligations no phones no nothing.

And now I’m going to bed. Wake me up and I’ll have to kill you 🙂

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