I just got in.

Interesting weekend so far.

Started Saturday with my “I gotta get out and find a place” (same thing I’ve
been saying for the last few weeks). So I grabbed a paper and circled a
couple of places.

Checked out the first one and found it was far to far out to get high speed
net, and it was a fscking sty. Towel hangers half off, a deck
blocked off due to dangerous sagging, etc. Not a good place. The second was
right near Iambe. Nice, not too bad, no idea about the pets allowed or not.
On a whim I wandered to the next apartment building up from that (where
cyranth lives) and happened upon a guy washing the front walk. Taking the
chance that a) what I’d heard about a place being available was true and b)
this guy was indeed a manager like person of some kind I talked to him.

Well they had a place available, wave ready
(with a little outlet labeled “wave” in the living room), no probs with pets,
and cable tv was included. Not too bad. Free parking space too.

So after consulting the folks, talking to cyranth to see if he had found any
hidden little “gotchas” I said I’d take it. Now I’m just waiting back to hear
from the guy who is doing the background check on me to say that I’m not a
criminal or anything (muahhahahaah).

And my phone died (yet ressurected).

And I lost my ring (since found).

Then last night I went out with my buddy S invited me out. S wanted me to
come along to be a match up for A, so he could make the moves on S2. S2 being
A’s brothers GF (D)’s friend. Yea, it’s screwed. Anyway, I know long before he
did that he didn’t have a chance with S2, but oh well. A’s bro didn’t come
along, but his GF D did. So it was myself, S, S2, A and D. We hit a movie
(Toy Story 2, very good, go see) and then a club (cat and fiddle in Poco). A
good place, with loud music and not enough seats, but lots of pretty girls, we
had a blast! Much better than the last couple of my forays into
clubs I think. So we danced some dances, had some drinks (no mom, I didn’t
drink and drive…. it’s hard to shift with a beer in your paw <g>).

S tried unsuccessfully to start a spark with S2, who I think had a better time
with me than him. I had a great time with A and D ran home at 1ish or so,
probably scared off or having to work or something.

It was a good time. Ran S2 home when we got booted out of the club at 2
(we went all around Maple Ridge so she could listen to the end of a Sarah M.
song or 2), dropped S off, and then instead of taking A home decided we were
both hungry (all I had had all day was a hamburger and fries). So we trekked
out to a shell station that was open all night and got some food from a lady
who was obviously just starved for someone to talk to.

It was a good night. But I’m fscking tired.

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