So Arc, what were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping like you should
have been in preparation for a good day of work and the work party after?

Erhmm…. no, at midnight I was moving boxes of kitchen stuff to the new

Around 9 or 10 last night after practicing bar chords on the guitar to the
tunes of Blue Rodeo I figured that I
should get some boxing done like I said I would. So I started with the
freezer. Ok, that’s not quite right…. in a quest for food last night I went
through the freezer to find I had meatballs, but no spaghetti sauce (though I
found some later). In the process however I found I had a lot of extra stuff
in there. Like… lots.

So I was brutal and got rid of anything that was moving, green, had more than
an inch of ice on it or was not recognizable as animal, vegetable or
mineral. Things are a lot cleaner now 🙂

Anyway, that led to cleaning out old containers, which led to cleaning out the
fridge, which led to cleaning out the drawers and packing stuff up. I took
far longer packing than moving, so I figure it was worth it to avoid having
people come and sit around while I put wine glasses in newspaper.

Long story short, at around midnight I had 5 boxes packed and the entire
kitchen (minus the last little bit of food in the fridge/freezer) cleaned of
my stuff (oh, must not forget the kettle. Moved it all to my car, and to the
new place, unpacked (even organized the new kitchen a bit, and discovered I
have a million or so mugs) and brought the boxes back. By that time my
laundry was finally done (no free laundry at the new place 🙁 ) so I did the
bed thing.

Now I’m at work writing cool code again 🙂 On a new moniter which replaced
the fuzzy one that was destroying me earlier. They think they are taking it
back on monday to it’s home (we got it for an install or something) but are
they ever wrong! Muahahahahahahaha, a 17″ moniter that I can have at 1280 and
I can see without squinting! Yay!

Oh, almost forgot. raskal has
put up a raskalcam. I
still says he needs to show more skin…..


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