Finally got around to releasing the new ArcterCam site.
It’s a non-live one, for the reason that 99% of the time I’m not in front of
the computer, so why make people stare at a blank wall. I figured I’d do it
where I take an interesting picture of something, upload it, and let people go
through the (well, supposedly interesting) pictures. I also wanted to give it
a new look and think that what I’ve got is nice and a lot more professional
than what was there before.

This also marks my foray into php3. The gallery has some bugs in it as far as resetting
things if there’s a fubar’ed link (ie: gallery.php3?pic=4222222abc or
something) but that I’ll deal with at some later time.

Throw some comments my way if you care.

My appologies to the stalkers. I may put a live cam up that I can
turn on or off if I’m there, but like I said, 99% of the time I’m oot and