I was dissapointed to wake up this morning and not find my
car buried in snow. I guess my expectations were raised a little with the
flurries we had at work last night.

It was a good night. I got mod_perl actually installed and semi-running thanks to
mucho help from cuvarack. Now I have a working base I can go and make it how
I want it.

This is the first step in everything.

I even got to bed early… my goal was 10pm and I made it down by 10:30. I
think when I told cuv that he said something along the lines of “huh? who is
this? what did you do to alan?!” I got up late though, even with 8 or so
hours of sleep 7am came far too early, and I was awake enough to reset the
alarm for 7:10 or so. Now 3 or 4 nights of that and I will be 100%!

This morning I not only made my lunch but had breakfast too! And tea! Sure
the lunchmeat had an expiry of early december, but that could be next year
right? Well, if not, hello sick leave! Gave Rex his eye meds and didn’t leave the house in
a complete state of disarray. Tonight I’m off to watch bad kung fu movies and
then hack some more at mod-perl (or sleep early, yea that’s it), and tomorrow
I’m off to look at a friends kittens. I hope I don’t end up coming home with
one (she’s thinking of giving one away). Luckily I have no room in the house
and having 2 cats is probably pushing it with the landlord. So not
yet…. Gotta find a copy of doom and maybe quake1 for my other box
(Bastard is it’s name, as it’s cobbled togeather from a few different hardware
sources) for fun and amusement on it. Maybe get togeather a
doom/quake1/quake2 deathmatch going on it (not that it’s easy to DM while
sitting crosslegged on the floor (I know, my butt/legs/arms have fallen asleep
many a time while configging that box))? We’ll see what time permits.

Actually the only thing I didn’t get done this morning was re-writing the
UFies.org roadmap on my whiteboard… but that can be done this eve easily
enough (oh the exciting life I lead).