It’s 2000.


Had a good but busy weekend. Now I’m about to reboot to do some
software testing while watching The Saint on TV. Now I
just need to get a couple of RCA cables to hook the DVD up to the TV.
I was going to get around to it today but the only cable I
have is about a foot long. Not long enough.

The Dell box that I got from Cat5 is running good now. Only thing is
RAM. It has a supreme lack of RAM (32 is usable but a little low
IMHO), and the ram is some weird non-pc100 variety. The slot is DIMM
shaped, but not PC100, DIMM or SIMM. The current module has only
“EDO” on it for clues. It’s definately not 72pin SIMM though.
Weird. It’s usable now, but I’ll need more when (if) I throw a 3d
card and some games on it. For now it’ll do as a windows box to keep
me from rebooting when I need to do something in windows.

Saw tiggersol again this
weekend, that was good. I’ll have to head up to Edmonton sometime to
see the ‘ol boy again.

Now I love you tig, but this is for you. I’m
sorry man, but that was quite silly of you 🙂