Wow, almost a week without an update, how could I!?

Well, I’m back now, back and b-b-b-b-baaaaaaaaaaaad. I had a
great Christmas with the parental units and relatives, and I hope you
did too. Got some cool stuff for the house which I’ll throw some pics
up on the cam soon enough. Right now I’m doing
docs, or to more exact, waiting for them to come back to me for
fixes. I have a huge list of stuff to do on my site, the UFies.org
site, and others. I might even start that today. But I’d like to get
dressed first (was up late last night and I haven’t had the effort to
get dressed yet you see).

Who borrowed my Win98 CD???????????????

I lent it out a few days ago and have no clue to who πŸ™ Now I have
another box that will be turned into a windows system and I have
nothing to put on it. Maybe I’ll turn it into a FreeBSD system like I
originally planned… wonder if it’s bios supports bootable CDROMs.
I’m not sure if I should deck it out with more memory (256mb anyone?)
and a cheap/fast cpu (I’m thinking K6-2 or K6-3) and somehow turn it
into a gaming machine; or use it as another linux server. I could
probably use it as a windows box better, and remove the need for me to
ever reboot. That of course, would mean I’d have to have my ’98 cd πŸ˜›

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