Today was an ok day. A bunch of stuff’s happened (or feels like it
anyway), so I figure I’ll ramble for a bit. First of all, I should be
going to bed. I’ve had minimul sleep lately, due to going to bed far
later than I should be in my old age, but alas, I should update, and
have a coke in me so I’m feeling perky (or rather, not fast asleep).

My buddy Cat5 scored some boxen (p166mmx, 32mb ram, 15″ moniters, 2G HDs,
built in networking/video) from work for cheap, and I got one! (for
future payment when I have more than $RENT+$100 to my name). Best
thing is the moniter is better than mine and though the box is yet
untested, the moniter has replaced my old goldstar, which will go on
the new old box as a windows box or a linux server or maybe I’ll use
it to finally learn FreeBSD or something.

Thanks dude.

What else…. well, I finally got the art up on my walls and it looks
awsome. Now I need something for above the computer and life will be
good. I didn’t use the huge screw for the Waterhouse… I thought
that even though I’m going to be here for a while, they probably won’t
appreciate big holes in the walls. Wandered to a poster store in
mission last weekend and snagged a poster of a section of this
Delaroche print
which I originally saw on the wall of a friend of A’s. A
very haunting picture. It’s sad to have to put it up with pushpins,
but you gotta do whatcha gotta do right? Anyway, here is a (bad) Delaroche
(complete with moniter-to-be-not-used-any-more). Here is the Waterhouse that is on my other
(another bad shot).

Still have boxes and stuff, but things are getting more “real” here.
Not that I’ve had a chance to enjoy it all, I’ve hardly had a second
to myself it seems lately.

Christmas shopping done!!!!!!!!! Yeap, in a mad rush
around the mall I manged to get the ArcterParents shopped for. Not
too bad stuff at all if I do say so myself. I hope they enjoy it 🙂

Now to wrap.

Note to self and note to other people: If you are going to use a jar
and tree branches as a Christmas tree, don’t give it to someone with 2
cats. Two days in a row I came home and found it on the floor or
table, water all over the place, and orniments in disarray. The cats
retreated under the bed as I ranted at them. Ah well, next year I’ll
know to put barbed wire around them. Or train the cats.
Nah…. barbed wire and a rocket launcher is probably easier.

Ok, I heard this the other day on a US radio station (92.9).
Apparently there’s some gameshow that Fox is looking at. Basically you win
the chance to marry a millionaire.

Erhmm…. excuse me? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with
this? I thought so. Lets list off the things wrong shall we?

  • If I’m a millionaire what is there in it for me?
  • Yea! collect all the shallow people in one place!
  • What is she’s ugly/stupid/completely not his type?
  • What if he’s ugly/stupid/completely not her type?
  • Has no one got any respect for themselves anymore?
  • This is just like a dating game with a different demograph
  • I could go on..

sigh some people’s tv stations….

Yesturday sucked. Long day at work. Spilled mocha on myself…. had
no money, no mailbox, bills, came home to find gas had jumped from
42.x to 58.9, came home to find my kitchen table full of water, the
xmas tree on the ground along with tapes and papers, had to vacuum
with a broom, had some friends bail on me for a movie. A bad day.
The good part was A came by and brought not only food but
cookies! Good cookies too! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

Well, I look around the room and see nothing else of note, other than
a sleeping cat (in a most odd position I might add) and the cover of a
computer case. Well, and a desktop box (obtained today from Cat5 if
you forgot already) and a bag full of yet-unwrapped xmas
presents. Know what this means? Yes, that’s right, sleep for me!