Sleep is for the weak apparently. Just got back from watching South Park
with Tig, K, IamBro, and IamBro-gf. Hilarious the second time around
too šŸ™‚

So much for sleep though…. we started a little late šŸ˜›

I have paintings now! And a Christmas Tree! No pics just yet, as as
soon as I finish this up I’m going to bed.

Did I mention I hate christmas shopping? I figured I’d just get a
couple of things in town today… good idea, bad execution. Being as
it’s 4 days till christmas, all the men are out in the malls, and it’s
chaos. Oh, and the ‘ol mastercard got maxed out. Greeeaaaat… so
much for putting everything on plastic. Hope my parents don’t mind
getting recyled Linux t-shirts from the expo in April…

Ok, so it’s probably not that bad, though I do plan to see what I can
do with this “Internet Banking” thing (no, not by stealing money!).

Another “first time in the new place” event fell tonight too. First
night of spaghetti! A little over done, but that’s
my fault. I’ll have to learn to readjust the microwave action though,
the high setting is a little too high. That and the fact that it
turns on if you push against the door sort of worries me. But it’s
hidden in an area of the place I’m never in (the dining table) so I
should be safe from going sterile. The bolts I got for the bed aren’t
right (right idea, wrong size), so I have to hit Revy for a refund on them. The only
“first thing in the new place” that is left to do that’s fast
approaching is laundry. Hope that I can accumulate enough loonies for

Ok, new pix on the cam tomorrow, as well as an
update on the xmas shopping. Current number of people got
for…. 3.5. People
left…. erhmm…. unknown. Like I said, it’s gonna
suck, I’ll make a list at work tomorrow. Oh, and my list of bitches
about the new place (nit picks really, nothing here really sucks
except the lack of laundry facilities, but that’s just cause I’m used
to having my own washer/dryer).

Oh, and some final good news… the building manager is gonna get a
locksmith in to fix my mailbox, so I’ll be able to get my mail soon!
And a heatlamp bulb for the bathroom, so I don’t freeze my arcterass
off getting out of the shower in the morning šŸ™‚