Well, a productive few days. My previous bitch about going on site and
HDs blowing up and such wasn’t so bad. I got both sites up and going
with minimul fuss, and the rain even slowed after a bit.

Today was spent using my xmas bonus from work. There wasn’t a lot in
sears that I could get, till I realized all the things from the old
place that I didn’t have. So when I left there today I had a new
toaster, wok and various pans and cooking utensils. Hell, I even have
a clock in the living room now!

Christmas shopping hasn’t even been started. I got some bows and
tags, but that’s about it. I’m really glad payday was yesturday, or
I’d be completely screwed. Moving halfway through the month
completely tapped me. Oh yea, and I have to pay for rent at the end
of the month… eeek! I’m sure I could sell my body to science or

Went out shopping today for (along with the household stuff for the
xmas bonus) furnature. I’m looking for a coffee table, a couple of
endtables and maybe a bedside table. And the bolts needed to make my
bed a reality. Speaking of beds, do singles not exist anymore? In
Sears I was looking at the beds they had there and the tiny ones the
size of my current one were all labeled “twin”. No fscking way were
those twins (if the one I have sitting against the wall waiting for a
couple of bolts is a twin), they were barely singles. Course, it
makes sense as a twin is more expensive than a single, right?
Hmm…. I sense a conspiracy here!

Guitar is going well… I almost have B and bar
chords are well…. coming slowly. I’ll be a god yet dammit!

So now I have to eat lots it appears, I stocked my shelves with $100+
of food and such, so I have no reason to not make lunches and have a
decent breakfast each morning right? Well, that’s the theory anyway.

Now I think it’s time to head over to Iambe’s and go rent a DVD or
something. Tonight I’ll finish up (well, ok, start) christmas cards
and hopefully get that small part of christmas done so they get to
various places by at least new years, when of course the world will
end (at least according the tabloid I saw in save on foods today).
Course, I don’t think the post office’ll be open tomorrow (though I’m
sure I can get stamps somewhere else), and they won’t be picked up
till monday anyway. But it’s something else to check off the “todo”
list right?