Well, I almost had a new bed. Wandered out to Maple Ridge with A and her
huge ass truck to check out what her friend had. Brought back the matress,
head and foot boards, slats, and sides. Moved old bed out of the way, and
prepared the new one (not that wonderful looking, but nicer than my old one,
and it’s not completely dwarfed by the room). One thing missing:
nuts and bolts to hold the sides to the head/foot boards. Cause you know,
they just don’t sit in there by themselved (and believe me I tried!). So said
bed is now stuck on the side of the room and I’m back (for now) in my
familiar single. The new one is a double (or twin, whichever is smaller) so
it’s not hugely bigger, but it’s more room for me and the cats.

Now, if you’ll allow me to bitch for a moment or 3…

If I were to design a perfect day, I wouldn’t include pouring rain, or a lake
where the parking lot should be. I wouldn’t put in missing serial cards, or a
trip onsite to replace a server. I wouldn’t have servers that have their HDs
go bad or the need to replace them. And I certainly wouldn’t
arrange all these things right when I’m starting doing some neat coding stuff

Hmm…. so much for xmas card shopping and K-bday (wavetoK) shopping at
lunch. Hello wet and ugly driving….


You know, life is pain, but there are moments in that pain of such sweetness
that it’s all worth while. I had one of those moments a while ago, after a
long ride through the dark night. Not long after everything went to shit all
around me, not only for myself but for others, but it was that moment, or moments, that
makes life so sweet.

’nuff philosophizing for one day, I’m off to finish burning a new HD.