Moral of the day: make backups (and never trust stupid
people (and make sure your ass is covered just in case something does go
wrong)). Not me, but someone else. Eeeek.

Finally got things almost totally settled down here. With some help from solas I made my living room and kitchen
respectable. The shelf is now full, and over flowing in fact. So much for
getting more stuff. I suppose a brutal cleaning is in order, but for now I
just wanted things out of boxes. Cyranth brought over his couch and with a
bit of re-arranging things are very homely. Now to work on
the bedroom.

Thanks to A’s friend I might get the chance to head and look at her basement
full of stuff, including a double bed, coffee tables and so on. And she said
“I don’t want it, just come and take what you want”. And who am I to pass on
free stuff? So that’ll probably be tomorrow night.

Today was going to really really suck. Driving down the highway I thought to
myself, “what do I have to do today?” and came up with the answer “visit 4
sites, all with problems.” This is not a good way to start out a day. That
combined with a missing serial card didn’t help 🙁 Luckily the site that
needed said serial card agreed to do things on Wednesday instead, so I was
down to 3.

I went to the first one. Plugged in the laptop, ran the batch file to upgrade
the modem code (thanks Stewart!) and it worked…

… perfectly.

I went to the second site to see about their fubared HD. Ran fsck manually,
waited for a long time for it to finish up. Looked at the /lost+found dir and
said “eeek”, copied some files back and forth… rebooted, and it worked…

… perfectly.

Went to site 3. They had a date problem combined with a dial out restriction,
which basically means they set it so they couldn’t connect to the net after 5
and the date was 12 hours off or something. I reset things, upgraded some
files, some docs, and the new console code I was working on and rebooted, and
it worked… (yes you guessed it)

… fine.

(fooled you!).

So my day of hell turned out not too bad. That combined with getting the
living room clean (only bed and bath to go!) made for a productive day. Now
as I didn’t get to go for a run (wierd day, started out very nice and sunny
and slowing progressed to pouring rain) and I just don’t feel like doing
anything but getting a decent night’s sleep, I’m going to do just that.

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