Merry cheap-chocolate day.

Well, it happened again last night, for the second time ever. There I was, on
the treadmill after a workout, trundling along at about 6.4 mph, happy,
content, in the zone so to speak (and bored out of my skull staring at the
ever-slowing clock and the weird looking guy running towards me in the mirror
on the wall. Around 13 minutes into the 15 min cool down run I decided I was still
feeling pretty good, not about to die just yet, and popped the speed up, if
for only a last minute pump. Anyway, to make a long and potentially boring
story short, the speed kept going up and I got one of those lovely endorpin
highs. Too bad it was at the end of the run or I’d have just kept going for
another 10 min (at increasing speed I’m sure). Ah well.

Hmm…. what else. Oh yea, I’ve made progress with firefly’s horses. They
have now deemed me lickable (or are they just trying to eat me gently?). This
is cool and all but in the end all it means is I come out with a hand full of
horse drool.

Oh! Oh! You’ll be so proud of me. I single handedly assured that there would
be no rain in the fraser valley for the next week at least 🙂 I put some of
that anti-rain stuff on my windshield over the weekend when it was sunny and I
know that it’s not going to rain over the next while just so I can’t
see the results. Didn’t stop the sprinkle of snow last night though. Wow,
that was unexpected… you’d think we were living in Edmonton or something.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………. Mooooocha……

And! Mutt is no longer
making me it’s bitch! I discovered that when you compile it from source it
doesn’t look at the /etc/Muttrc file, only the /usr/local/etc/Muttrc, and the
latter doesn’t come with color defaults! Whoop!