Well I get to either stay up a little longer this lovely friday night or
should I get to sleep early (well, relatively anyway) and get stuff done
tomorrow by waking up at a decent hour. I’m not sure where the happy median
is. This weekend seems that it is going to be full of stuff. A movie
saturday night, shopping etc during the day, possibly going to the gym in the
morning, and then sunday going to hang with yohimbe and webdiva for a bit.

Happy Birthday Khensu.

I wonder if I can start boycotting any company that advertises with lines like
“for the new millenium”? I think that would go far. Well, actually they
probably wouldn’t notice. But it would make me feel better.

So who go their gas at 42.9 before the lovely almost 20 cent jumps up to 60.9?
Bastards. As my dear Iambe so elequantly put it “they’re taking us alan
they’re taking us!”

Cable is back on. I guess when I said “I would like to cancel my rogers wave
service” was translated by the morons at the huge-ass Rogers as “I would like
you to make my TV go fuzzy till I call and bitch you out about it.” I’d call
them back and ask what the problem is but I probably just don’t want to know.
Not that I watch tv much though, the last time I did (or wanted to rather) was
a couple of nights ago when I had a killer headache and wanted to just lie on
thc couch and die slowly while listening to CMT or something. That night

The gym thing went well… some tall skinny dude who seemed to know what he
was talking about… he did all sorts of complex math to figure out what my
heart rate should be. Somewhere around (pi x (the average wingspan of an
african swallow)) or something. We went through 1 set of each of the
exercises to show me how it was all done etc. I’m not an idiot mind you, I’ve
used a bench press before, but I let him go through his talk, just in case I
was missing something. It was pretty good, but I’m sure that it might be
different when I get to do the full 2-3 sets that’s perscribed. We’ll see how
it goes.