Long (yet productive) day at the office today. Got lots done and fixed and
stuff. I should mention now too, I finally got a new monitor! Silv you rock
man! No more squinting! No more fighting about if the screen is completely
blurry or if it’s just me!

Ok, I’ll stop now đŸ™‚

I finally got off my butt today and got a membership at the rec center down
the road. Hit the pool for a bit and then relaxed in the hot tub. Upon
reflection of tonight I feel I have to share some tips and tricks with others
to make their trip to exercise more enjoyable.

  • Spend a lot of extra time in the change room before going into the
    pool and after. This prevents the checkout people from knowing that the
    sum total of your exercise was 15 minutes.
  • Bring a hair tie. Losing it on lap 23 sure beats stopping to swipe
    your hair out of your eyes at the end of every lap.
  • Tie your shorts tight. Losing them is even worse than
    losing your hair tie.
  • Stake out the place with your glasses on beforehand
    sure beats wandering and squinting through the whole center when trying to
    find your way back to the changeroom.
  • Passing out is bad. Take it easy. Drowning sucks. Calling out
    “mommy” to the life guard is even worse (though if I was actually drowning
    mom did win swimming awards at one time… I think… is that
  • When leaving avoid mirrors. There is a reason that you are going to
    the gym. And naked men are not the most beautiful sight in the
  • Try not to lose your key. Or ring.
  • Make sure you know how to work work the locker before returning to it
    sans spectacles and with hair in your eyes. Opening it and closing it
    right away accidently and locking your stuff back in it is just so
  • When leaving, the door out of the reception area is a little more to
    the left, leaving by the correct side of the door makes one seem
    far less stooge-like.
  • While attempting to measure your running route, having it say 12km at
    the end doesn’t count if 10km was actually backtracking and trying in vain
    to find the route that you actually run.
  • It’s a bad sign when your cats bitch you out for
    puking on the carpet.

Ok, so not all the above happend… they are all pretty much routed in truth


First watch in a bit. Pretty good too. A bit like the first one I watched
when the main characters were all in detention at the same time and tempers
flared and pasts were revealed. This one involves a party, some good lines,
Pacey getting pissed and telling Joey and Dawson exactly how it is. Dawson
almost gets lucky too… uses the line “you are beautiful in the way that
beautiful used to mean when it meant something”. Too bad she said “hold that
thought” when he was about to kiss her and turned around to spew. So much for
seducing drunken girls huh? Jen had a date with some weenie boy who sold
blood to afford to go out with her and ended up quite the fool. She even
seems to want to go out with him again. Weirdo. Who the hell gives a
“hungarian red pinky ring”? Throw in Jack’s X who just got left by her
boyfriend who turned out to be gay (this mixed with Jack recently coming out
the closet) was an interesting twist. Oh, and Pacey is in love with Joey.
See, I told you a long time ago, you have to trade partners around in shows
like this, as it’s far too expensive to bring in new characters to act as
dates to the main characters.

Like I said, an amusing episode.

Hmm… What’s for dinner?