Well, this weekend was a weekend of grand plans. I was going to go
and do all these grand things, and spend a lot of money (being as the grand
things involved paying bills and such), but sadly almost none of that
happened. I got lots of sleep saturday, till 1 or so… actually got moving
and doing things around 3. “Doing things” involved physical activity this
time though, went for a run and then a workout. By the time I was back,
showered and ready to go into town, it was 5, and in this sleepy little town,
seems things shut down around 3pm on the weekends. Pah. The bank wasn’t open
so I couldn’t pay off my Rogers bill. Nor could I pay the $20odd bux left on
my house insurance. And future shop doesn’t carry Clarion CD changers (and
that is the only place I have a 3 months no interest credit card at) so
upgrading my car cd changer to one that, well, works didn’t work out. So I
basically went into town and then came back.

Went out later on in the eve for my buddy Drew’s birthday party. Kicked butt
with Rover on those sports bar ‘pick the right answer’ electronic games. You
know the ones I mean.

Today was a little better. Got up and around by 10, and was actually
! I got the phone cord strung up on the ceiling (actually the
wall right up at the ceiling level, as I found that the ceiling is just
brittle and thin plaster… there is a tiny hole to prove it too. I
considered punching a slightly bigger hole through so I could string the cable
(this is for the ADSL modem…. the only phone outlet is by the front as you
will recall), but figured that holes in the ceiling might make it harder to
get my security deposit back when I leave (Jeff Foxworthy flashback: “but the
pizza boxes were always stuck to the ceiling!”).

Happiness is finding a gig partition you had forgotten about. I’m now in the
process of moving mp3s out of my home directory and into a “real” parition
that matches up with my current collection (and my /var/ftp as well). I had
grand plans of finally giving up on rolling my own distro and just throwing my
spare 13G drive into my box, replacing a drive and having lots of room again,
but then I find this forgotten /home partition that I had kept for some reason
and decided to fill that up first. Then more grand plans of getting work done
on the new ufies site (did get some gfx and planning done though) were
waylayed by X-Files and discovering that Civ:CTP can be more than one little
guy wandering the map. Course, Civ is the sort of game that you look up and
say “oh god, it’s 4am”, so I decided to cut it short, only an hour later that
I planned to go to bed. Then raskal alerted me that I’d screwed up my
httpd.conf and was 404ing on my home page…. so I decided to put up my words
of wisdom for the weekend.

Awk. Deadline on Friday. Will we be ready? If Cuv’s firewall works like it
should, and I don’t get called off on too many diff projects (I think tuesday
I’m re-doing docs for our new version of gg), and I
get the huge long list of “little things to fix/do” done…. maybe.

I’ll need my sleep regardless.