Wow, another month, another archive eh?

I found out today who was the true ruler of my household. It was when a large
(and rather round) black cat used his claws to remove my hand from where he
wanted to put his paw so he could drink my water that I came to the
understanding that I am but a boarder in this little apartment.

Hence the huge $32 bag of catfood sitting in the kitchen. I got corny back
though, and gave him a new collar (a very manly and cool blue) that he can’t
stretch out by clawing at it!

So what am I up to now? Wishing I was in bed earlier. I was going
but got to updating ufies.org and trying out
the new vmware 2.0 beta (details on
ufies). I got kinda scared at one point though, when FreeBSD (the OS I
decided to play around with) gave me the “we are not responsible for lost HD
contents” warning. I thought that FreeBSD might have been smart enough to get
around the VMWare virtual disk. But my main linux system is still running
great and the /usr/vmware/freebsd/freebsd.dsk file is getting bigger, so I
assume everything is going good. I gotta admit that the install is a little
scary for someone who has no clue about the terminology. However the
“complete novice” install option was a great thing. Just choose “auto” for
everything, and then select the type of workstation packages you want
installed (user, developer, minimum, everything). Very cool. When it’s all
done I might take a closer look at it. Wouldn’t mind sticking it in a system
for my firewall too, I’ve heard that BSD is really good for
security. Course, it’s not that secure if someone who knows nothing about it
(ie: me) sticks it on, so I’m going to evaluate it at some point.

Almost Friday. Yay! No clue what I’m doing this weekend. I got a buddy of
mine who has a birthday (yesturday… *wave
Happy Birthday Drew!) and there
might be something going on there. Other than that, sleep and clean up. I
finally got the dishes and laundry done yesturday, so it’s down to things like
cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and tacking the phone line for the ADSL
modem to the ceiling so it doesn’t run across the floor to the modem sitting
in the middle of the living room. Seems that when these apartments are built
they only have 2 phone outlets, one in the entrance and one in the bedroom.
Neither near the computer on the other side. Oh well, a couple of long phone
chords and some tacks to stick them to the ceiling will fix that up fast

Hmm….. don’t you hate it when you have a whole bunch you want to
say but as soon as you sit down you forget?