Lazy day. It was the superbowl or something. I thought hockey season was
over. Who won anyway?

Ok, no, I don’t really care 🙂

About my only achievement today besides not doing the dishes was hacking
togeather a good (I thought) review of a couple of diff linux distros. Not bad for
midnight huh? Maybe someone from one of these places will send me vendorware
or something. Well, the worse one anyway should send me a nice CD as a bribe

I think I’ll go and harass the dude that works at dowco internet below us for
his copy of Corel Linux to borrow.

But that requires me to wake up in the morning, not just go to work.
Therefor, I got now, and sleeeeeep! This kinda sucks, I wanted to start the
week off with a 10 hour sleep. Hmm… so much for that idea. At least it’s
only 20 minutes into the new day. Course, even if I go to bed right
I still have 20 minutes of Corny wandering over top of me. Better
get started now….