Pah. So much for a day off. Not that I don’t appreciate the thought of
course, but my day started at 9 or so with a customer’s system not going on
the net. Dragging myself out of the idea that I was going to go for a run in
the beautiful sunshine, I got the client to do a bunch of different things,
and found nothing wrong with our server. Finally they got online and
I got a chance to go through the logs and found what appeared to be an ISDN
line problem. But would they think of checking that before bitching at us?

Course, when she called their ISP they just said that there was nothing
wrong. Bah. I’m still waiting for the imag.net supervisor to get
back to me. No bitches from the client yet though so I assume that things are
ok now. After that it was off into town to do some things like pay bills and
pick up a LONG phone line. Why the phone line you ask? Well, I got my ADSL
back (cough3.1Mb*cough*) and the stupid apartment only has 2 jacks! So I
get to string a long phone cord over the ceiling and over to the computer(s).
Hmm… gotta get around to writing my review of Caldera and Mandrake.

New ArcterCam shots up too… Firefly is over and watching
some TV and Rex took, well, and interest. So I snagged s cam shot or 2.

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