I figure that all this dreaming must be the result of more (and
better) sleep. Going to bed at 11 or so at night must be the
cause of it… deep REM sleep and all that.

Anyway, another one last night, this almost as screwed up as the last
few. I was agent Mulder of the X-Files
and was with Scully on some deep cover mission involving sitting in a
van dressed in black with our faces mostly hidden and killing kids or
something wacked like that. After this was over we went back home (my
home street incidently, but without as much of a grade on the hill)
for some sort of PR thing the department was doing. Not sure what it
was, but it involved us talking on TV.

Hey, it’s a dream, it doesn’t have to make sense!

One of the people waiting there for us was a little girl that I guess
we didn’t finish off in the op. She got away or something. Anyway,
we pass her or something and she recognizes me (or is it Scully) as we
walk by. I’m not sure what we decide to do about it. I remember
wandering around and helping someone put up, and then position a big
satellite for the broadcast.

I think we tried to figure out a way to avoid talking/seeing the girl
so she couldn’t identify us, but my alarm went.

Now I think I’m going to head to work to finish up and test some stuff
that has to be done by noon…. fun stuff actually, now that I have it
working. Sounds like Iambe’s trying to call me too, but her cell
starts cutting out whenever I pick up the phone… so if you’re
reading this.. uhmm.. hope you’re having a good trip and wave!

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