Another wacked out dream last night. It was winter (strange as I was
boiling in bed) and a bunch of people were going across a field hiking
or whatever in the snow. I was riding on the “suicide machine” (a
device that my dad and I constructed years ago consisting of 2 skis
and a seat mounted on top (it went fast)) and somehow got
tangled up with some other group in an accident. Somehow a zipper
from one of my… something in my pack or something of our groups
(which is strange as I don’t remember anyone helping me (I’ll explain
in a sec)) bags or something. Anyway a zipper got stuck to the kids
face! Actually I thought it was his arm but in the
end of the dream it was his face. Anyway, you know how sometimes your
shirt will get caught in your zipper? Same thing except with skin,
and a lot of it (a couple of inches at least). So for whatever reason
I was helping this kid (named Martinez and from #north if I recall
correctly, a young spanish kid ). and trying to figure out how to
unzip this thing properly. After quite some time of doing nothing
(sitting in the snow with my tarp or whatever attached to this poor
kid and wondering what to do I guess), the kid just pulled!!!!! This
is the point where (as it often happens in dream land) the injury
relocated itself from his arm to his face. I watched as he slowly
pulled, and watched as the zipper ripped down the side of his cheek.
Freaky shit huh? I immediately grabbed napkins or kleenex or whatever
to stop the flow of blood but when I looked it seemed the wounds on
both sides had somehow healed themselves. Almost stitched closed as
if the zipper had left bits of itself there as stitches. Around then
I told the kid that he’d have an interesting scar but it was going to
be ok and then someone who knew what they were doing arrived. I
think. Anyway, sometime around then I woke up.

Trippy huh?